As your chosen technical support partner, Blue Box's primary function is to ensure your IT works at its optimum level to enhance your business.


We're based in Watford and have focused specifically on servicing local businesses, so we're never far away if we're needed on site.


However, if you have internet connection, in many cases we can fix the problem remotely, saving you time and money.


Blue Box acts as an off-site in-house IT support department.


We can offer help with networking (wireless and wired), email (hosted or on-site), data recovery and back-up.


If you are moving premises or setting up, we are able to design and build your network for you.
Alternatively, if you need to work on the move, we can establish a virtual office for you, enabling you to work literally anywhere.


Office Setup / Relocation


Blue Box understands that dead time in an office move means loss of revenue - or worse, loss of customers.


Getting you up and running seamlessly and painlessly will be our priority.


If you are establishing a new business we can help you every step of the way - from registering your domain name, setting up your email services and website, right through to sourcing the correct hardware for you.


If your business is new, we can introduce the best telecoms and internet services to your premises, if you're relocating we can close down your old network and move it to your new offices.

We will do this as quickly and efficiently as if we'd waved a magic wand.




Computer networks have changed (almost) beyond belief in the last two decades.

When Blue Box was established in the 1990s, there wasn't any Broadband: if you wanted more than the standard 56 kbps modem, your only option was an ISDN2 line which would deliver a measly 128 kbps!

Virgin's service now offers speeds more than 1000 times faster - just imagine if all industries changed at this rate!

Today networking technology is essential - not just for business, but everyday life.

People take for granted that they can shop on-line 24/7, arrange holidays, log in and operate their bank accounts whenever and wherever they are.

It's more important than ever before to ensure your business stays connected

Data Recovery


Of all the magic we're asked to perform, this is the one that keeps us topping the bill!

Our years of experience and technical ability, combined with the partnerships we have established with global leaders in this field, have quite literally produced amazing results.

Since Blue Box was established in the 1990s, we have never failed to help a customer recover lost data.

There's not much we haven't seen before and many problems are actually quite straightforward for us to deal with.

But if you do have a more complicated situation, we have an extra trick up our sleeve.

We partner specialist data recovery company Kroll Ontrack, worldwide leaders in this field boasting 30 laboratories in 24 different countries.

If you think your computer is dead - fear not! We've got computer forensics at our elbow, there's usually something to be done.